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Joshua Clarke is a 17 year old musician based out of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. He loves his family, his cats, his dog Fin, broadcasting junior hockey on the side, and making music. He’s currently in his first year of a Philosophy degree at the University of Calgary. He’s been making music for his whole life and he’s been sharing it for just over a year. When he learned he was going to be inside for most of the foreseeable future, he decided to work on this passion of his in hopes of one day bringing people together through music.

His first EP, “Young and Impressionable” (2019), was objectively a piece of all-around garbage. However, Josh is proud that he took the first step to put his music out there, because it led the way for better things to come. Plus, he was able to make about 30 cents off getting broken up with (When You’re Down), so who’s laughing now?

Josh soon after made the single “Used to This” (2019), a track on which it is apparent that he made the beat and didn’t really understand how.

Josh then turned his attention to creating his first LP, which he called “What Do We Owe To Each Other” (2020) after a central philosophical question and a recurring topic in one of his favourite TV shows, “The Good Place”. The project went very slowly until schools were closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, at which point Josh gladly absorbed himself in the project and was able to finish what he started. It wasn’t long however, till Josh turned his attentions to his next endeavour.

For his sophomore album, Josh wanted to tell a story, start to finish, about a boy plagued by ignorance. In a 2020 world where turning a blind eye had become seemingly habitual (amplified by racial injustice, disregarding COVID-19 protocol, and other concerning topics), Josh wanted to capture a teenager’s journey and relationship with ignorance, exploring the temptation of inaction and the inner dialogue within the mind of someone who has just discovered the vastness of both the world and his own ability to ignore it. And so, Love Letters to Ignorance (2020) was born. The track list varied heavily in genre from emo rap, to pop, to punk pop.

In a continuation of Josh released his new single “Wanderers” (2020). This, Josh hopes, is a more mature and optimistic touch on his exploration of ignorance. As such, Josh attempted to emulate the beloved, infectious 60’s bubblegum genre that begs listeners to dance and sing along.  

Josh’s most recent single, Someone Who Made It, is a taste of what he hopes to bring to his third full-length album, “Watercolour Kid”.

The Watercolour Kid is the one who never had a special talent. He floated friend groups and often appeared more comfortable than he was in his own skin. The days pass in a blur for the Watercolour Kid. But much like watercolour itself, a lack of clarity does not mean it can’t be beautiful.

And that kid wouldn’t miss the sunrise for the world.

J <3

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