Vancouver Canucks Playoff Breakdown

For the first time in years, the Vancouver Canucks are struggling for their lives, trying to earn a playoff spot. But what’s it going to take to make it? (These calculations are partly my own mental math and have a small possibility of being flawed).

Upcoming Canucks Schedule

Following the defeat of the L.A. Kings yesterday, the Canucks are now set to play the Arizona Coyotes and the Edmonton Oilers, who share the last two spots in the West. These should be easy games, I’m not saying they will be, but they should be.

Teams who have clinched a playoff spot in the West

Central Division: St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago

Pacific Division: Anaheim

As you can see, there are many up-for grabs playoff spots in the Pacific Division.

Teams still fighting for a playoff spot in the West

Central Division: Minnesota, Winnipeg

Pacific Division: Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles

Teams in the West who are out of the playoff race

Dallas, San Jose, Colorado, Edmonton, Arizona

The Standings

The Anaheim Ducks have already clinched the Pacific Division, so the last spots available for Pacific Division teams are 2nd in the Pacific, 3rd in the Pacific, or a Wild Card spot. So the basics of it is; there are 5 teams still fighting for their lives for playoff spots, but there are only 4 available spots. It’s like musical chairs! But a lot more complicated.

What the Canucks need in these last days

As the clock ticks down until the end of the regular season, the Vancouver Canucks are 2nd in the Pacific Division. What will it take to keep them in a playoff spot? If the Canucks win against Arizona and Edmonton, then they stay right where they are and play against the 3rd place team in the Pacific for the first round of the playoffs. The Kings and the Flames are potential threats to the Canucks because they are both just 4 points shy of Vancouver, and have a game in hand with 3 games left.

How the Calgary Flames can beat the Canucks

If Calgary wants to beat the Canucks in the standings, they will have to A: Win all 3 of their games in any fashion (providing the Canucks don’t get 3 or more points in their last 2 games,) or B: Win two of their 3 games in regulation or OT, (providing the Canucks lose both of their last games in regulation.) if that happens, they beat the Canucks in the standings based on Regulation and OT Wins (which is why they need to stay away from shootouts).

How the L.A. Kings could beat the Canucks

L.A. has a less impressive Regulation and OT Wins number. They have 37, while the Canucks have 40 and the Flames have 39. For the Kings to push the Canucks out of 2nd in the West, L.A. would need to A: Win all 3 games in any fashion (providing the Canucks get less than 3 points in their 2 remaining games), or B: Win 2 of their 3 games in any fashion, and get at least one point in the other game (providing the Canucks lose both of their last games in regulation.)

How the Wild Card teams could beat the Canucks

In all the scenarios above, the Canucks got 2 or less points. For the Canucks to clinch a playoff spot, they could also just get 3 or more points vs. the Coyotes and Oilers. But if they get 2 or less, Minnesota and Winnipeg, who are currently in the Wild Card spots, are ready to pounce.

Let’s say the Kings and the Flames both miraculously beat the Canucks in the West. Even in the best case scenario after that, there’s a chance they will miss out on the 2015 playoffs. If the Canucks got 2 points during the last 2 games for 99 overall (best case scenario providing the Kings and Flames beat them in the standings),  the Jets could win all 3 of their games to get 100 points. And all the Wild would need to do is win 2 of their last 3 games for 100 points.

If all these teams (the Kings, Flames, Wild, Jets) can beat the Canucks with the scenarios described, Vancouver could miss the playoffs for the second time in a row. And remember, if the Canucks take matters into their own hands and get at least 3 points in 2 games, they are guaranteed 2nd in the Pacific. If they beat at least one of the scenarios above, they’re in. If everything happens to fall apart and all the scenarios come true, the Vancouver Canucks are out.

Thanks again,

Joshie Bear

Surrey Flyers with 2 Tournaments Soon

The Surrey Flyers will participate in 2 tournaments to close off the season, in a total of just 8 days.

The first tournament is the Surrey Tournament, determining the champion of all the Surrey Peewee teams. Two games (possibly 3) are guaranteed, (the first one is tonight) and then hopefully we’ll get to the semi-finals and the finals.

I’m really fortunate to have my uncle and my cousins in town for my North Delta Peewee “C” Spring Classic Tournament (from March 14-17), because they might be able to see a couple of games (the uncle who is in town is the same uncle I visited in Toronto). For this tournament, there are 12 teams, split into four groups. To get into the quarter-finals, you have to be 1st or 2nd in your group. If you’re 3rd (last), you’re out of gold medal contention.

Here’s hoping the Flyers pick up their game for the 2 tournaments, closing off the season strong, and with a whopping 9 possible games in just 8 days, this is sure to be a fun last stretch for the Surrey Flyers.

Thanks for reading,

Joshie Bear

3/4 Through the Season and the Canucks are Looking Strong

The Vancouver Canucks are healthily bouncing back after last year’s non-playoff disappointment.

After picking up Ryan Miller as the No.1 goalie and Radim Vrbata, who was intended to play with the Sedins, the Canucks have found a new determination to make the playoffs. They find themselves behind only the Anaheim Ducks in their division and ahead of Calgary, Los Angeles, San Jose, Arizona, and Edmonton. They have a great 36-23-3 record and are the second-best in the league against metropolitan division teams.

Well into a playoff spot, the Canucks hope to close off the season strong. A key dependancy to that happening is the consistency of Zack Kassian’s play. He is doing well after a drought now, having gotten 8 points in the last 5 games and having scored game winners in two of those.

All we can hope for is the best for the Canucks as they head into the final 20 games of the season.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Joshie Bear

What I Think of the 4 Pictures of Me, Milo, Mom, and Mattea in the Basement of our House

(These pictures were taken approximately 5 years ago)

In the first picture, you can easily tell it’s been a long day for Mom. The kids are restless, and Mom is the only one looking at the camera (apart from Milo, who I’m blocking from it with my gigantic head). Mattea’s already lost interest, and she’s looking away as well. Mom’s somehow still managing an upbeat smile! That Mamma could look happy while a volcano erupted!

For the second picture, things got a little better. Mom smiled wider, Mattea looked more in the general direction of the camera, but she still gave the impression of “Do I really have to be here with these guys?”, and you can see a bit of Milo peeking out from behind me. I’m meanwhile having a blast, sticking my toungue out at the camera like I just don’t care!

The third picture got more subtle, mom smiling nicely and all of the half of Milo you can see is grinning pleasantly. Mattea finally gave up looking away from the camera and stared into it with adorable eyes, frowning slightly like she needed food. I don’t know what I was doing. It looked like I was trying to kiss the camera possibly, or maybe I just didn’t get ready in time for my awesome smile.

All heck broke loose in the fourth and final picture, mom smiling very, very widely, and Mattea suddenly also looked like she was having a good time. Maybe she had been saving her grin for last. I was having a blast, grinning a smile similar to mom’s, but Milo was mysteriously missing from the picture. His hat was the only thing I could make out…

I think the last picture best resembles our family and our personalities, except for the fact that two of our family members are missing. But, you know, it really brings out the personality in me, mom and Mattea.

Birthday Surprise for Uncle Robbie

Earlier today, my mom had a great idea when we were volunteering at the food bank. She said that it was Uncle Robbie’s birthday today, and that we should get some timbits at Tim Hortons so he could share them with his staff. He teaches at the Frank Hurt high school in Surrey, and he unfortunately couldn’t get the day off. When we arrived at the school, he was in the aboriginal room. We were tired of helping people, so we ate the timbits and watched him do the dishes to prepare for the arrival of some SFU students… just kidding. We helped with the dishes, and when we were done one of his students showed us an eagle feather and special shell that he found in Haida Gwaii on a two week stay! It was really interesting. Uncle Robby is really outgoing, so he introduced us to everyone he saw. We only stayed for a short time, but it was nice to surprise him and wish him a happy birthday.

P.S. If you’re reading this, Uncle Robby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks a lot,

Joshua Jeffery Davis Caleb Clarke

Surrey Flyers vs. Coquitlam Chiefs

The Surrey Flyers unfortunately couldn’t close off a great tournament with a gold medal Sunday afternoon. The Flyers, having cruised through the round robin with a 3-0 record, were caught off guard when the Coquitlam Chiefs, their golden opponents, proved to be a very strong team. Despite Ishaan’s goal early in the game for the Flyers (assisted by Sartag), Coquitlam penetrated Surrey’s forwards and defence again and again, leaving the Flyers behind 4-1 after the 1st. Early in the second, Ishaan buried his second of the game, assisted by Jordan and David. The Flyers now had a spark of hope, behind 4-2. After that, there was no doubt who the winning team would eventually be. The Coquitlam Chiefs scored 4 goals in a span of 5 minutes and 54 seconds to push the Flyers farther down 8-2, and the running time began (because there was a 6 goal difference in the score). Coquitlam added a 9th, too, in the 3rd period. Later in the 3rd, Jordan, M.K. and Josh combined for a nice goal, but the win was still so far out of reach.  They should be proud of their efforts throughout the tournament and the silver medal, but Coquitlam proved to be the better team on the day,  the Flyers losing in style, 9-3.

I hereby declare Wade Kirk of the Surrey Flyers the MVG (Most Valuable Goalie) of the tournament for his outstanding and consistent play.


Joshie Bear

Surrey Flyers vs. Sunshine Coast Blues (Flyers’ 3rd round robin game)

All the Surrey Flyers needed Saturday afternoon was a win against Sunshine Coast to secure a berth in the gold medal game. Govind struck first for the Flyers, just 8:28 into the 1st period. M.K. and Josh got credited with the assists. No one scored after that until M.K. found the back of the net early in the second period, Sartag and Josh picking up the assists. But just under 2 minutes later, Sunshine Coast scored to make it a much closer 2-1 game. Later in the 2nd, Ishaan scored, the goal assisted by Harsh and Kabir. Less than 2 minutes into the 3rd, Sunshine Coast again cut the lead, this time to 3-2. The Flyers kept fighting though, because Chris potted one with assists to Josh and M.K. just 24 seconds later. Govind then made it 5-2 with 7:14 to go in the game. The Flyers stayed in control until the final minute, when the Sunshine Coast Blues scored twice in 13 seconds in a nail biter finish that ended the game closer than the Flyers would have preferred it. They hung on, nevertheless, for the much needed 5-4 win, and a berth in the GOLD MEDAL GAME! Wade made a couple of highlight reel saves again, and was also a huge part in helping the Flyers to the GOLD MEDAL GAME!

MVP: M.K., for his outstanding 3 point night and all around offensive production.


Joshie Bear

Surrey Flyers vs. Cloverdale C2, (Flyers’ 2nd round robin game)

The Surrey Flyers looked to improve their round robin record to 2-0 early Saturday morning against Cloverdale C2. The game began quickly, Cloverdale scoring just over 2 minutes in. That brought the Flyers players back to the reality that they had to work hard every game in order to win. After the first Cloverdale goal, the Flyers started picking up the pace, getting some great looks at the net. The only thing stopping them was the Cloverdale goalie Ty Goto (Josh’s former ball hockey teammate), who was as solid as a brick wall throughout the entire game. Cloverdale led 1-0 after the 1st.

The second period was where the Flyers broke through. They scored 4 goals in under 12 minutes, (Daniel, Kabir, Josh, David). The goals featured 7 assists, by six different players (David, Jordan, Sartag, Ishaan, M.K., Jordan, Armaan). Both goalies played amazing, Wade carrying the Flyers to their second straight win and keeping his tournament Goals Against Average at a healthy 0.50. The Flyers ended up taking the game by a score of 4-1.

MVP: Daniel, for his amazing snipe from the top of the circle, and his solid defensive play.

P.S. The Flyers have one more round robin match before the playoff game. They can guarantee a spot in the gold medal game with a win against Sunshine Coast this afternoon.


Joshie Bear

Surrey Flyers vs. Whistler Winter Hawks, (Flyers’ 1st round robin game)

The Surrey Flyers came into the Sunshine Coast Winter Classic tournament with high expectations Friday night. They knew a strong start compared to a weak start could cost you mentally and scoreboardically. They came out of the gate looking like a whole new team. Passing was right on the tape, we were shooting well, but the coaches are still emphasizing the need to back check (specifically for the forwards).

Jordan got the Flyers going by scoring a nifty goal under 3 minutes into the 1st period, which remained the only goal until early in the second period, when Josh scored a goal in front of the net assisted by Govind and M.K., his two all star line mates. Just under 6 minutes later, Govind buried a shot assisted by Josh and Daniel. Govind potted his second of the night to seal the deal in the 3rd period, again assisted by Josh and Daniel. The game was fairly clean. No penalties were called, and none should have obviously been called. With help from our goalie Wade who shut out Whistler completely, the Flyers cruised to a 4-0 tournament round robin opener.

MVP of the game: Govind Sanghera, for his outstanding play and 3 point night.


Proud Flyers player Joshua Clarke


Upcoming Hockey Tournament

This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, the Surrey Peewee Flyers are taking a road trip to Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast. I am taking a ferry there with my awesome mom, and we are staying in a suite! For their first game, the Flyers will face the Whistler Winter Hawks. Honestly, we have no clue how strong Whistler’s teams are, so we have to give it our complete all. We have two games on Saturday, one against Cloverdale C2. We have experience against Cloverdale teams, and I think we shouldn’t have any problem with them as long as we bring our A-game. The second game on Saturday is against the Sunshine Coast Blues, who, like the Whistler team, we have no experience against. If and who we play against on Sunday depends on how we do in the first three games. GO FLYERS GO!


Joshua Clarke

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