Bautista returns and Sanchez tosses seven scoreless innings in Blue Jays victory

The only other time when I had ever been to an MLB game, was the last game of the 2014 season, where the Blue Jays lost 1-0 to the Baltimore Orioles. Two years later, I’m back in Toronto, in the same building as I was in two years ago, but it was a completely different team. There were three major reasons to believe the Blue Jays would take the win last night. Number one was that they were facing the San Diego Padres, who had not only never played in Rocers Centre, but were second-last in their division at the time. Number two was the pitching. Sanchez, who had been on fire lately, would start (and go on to pitch seven innings). Number three was that Jose Bautista was returning from a toe injury, and it was going to be his first game back since the middle of June.

The first few innings were defensively minded and there were few hits, but then, in the bottom of the fourth, Michael Saunders hit a triple into the gap and was brought in on a deep sac fly by Tulowitzki to give the Jays a 1-0 lead heading into the 5th.

Right away in bottom five, Kevin Pillar doubled and was brought in by the atrocious fielder Devon Travis on a broken-bat double. Later in the inning, Josh Donaldson was up to bat with Bautista on first and Travis on second. Donaldson got a base hit into the gap, scoring Travis and bringing Bautista all the way to third. So the5th ended 3-0 for the Jays.

In the top of the 6th, with a runner on second, a Padre grounded the ball to the shortstop, where the man on second got caught in a rundown. Finally Josh Donaldson, at the time their third baseman, took matters into his own hands and chased the Padres runner from third to second, diving and tagging his foot before he could make it back.

After seven scoreless innings and only three hits allowed, Sanchez got a rest and Grilli came in as reliever. Unfortunately for Grilled Cheese, things didn’t go as planned. The Padres hit a two-run bomb to the top deck to change the then 4-0 score to a closer 4-2 contest. However, Grilli would be pulled for the incredible reliever in Osuna, who got the save.

Final score: Padres 2 – Blue Jays 4

Anyway, I’m Josh. And that’s the way I heard it.

Montreal For the First Time!!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted for so long, I didn’t bring the iPad to Montreal. Now that I’m back in the office, I can tell you all about Montreal. On the first day, we were tired so we worked at the us terminal for a bit, then took an hour walk to our hotel where we checked in. Then we looked around the Bell Centre a bit, grabbed lunch an awesome store that Milo would like the name of… GRIFFINTOWN!!! Then we went mini golfing and played air hockey, just to test if it was any different than doing it at home. Then we got a late night dinner at the “3 Brasseurs” and went back to the hotel.

The next day, we saw the Montreal Tower and the Olympic Stadium. This specific tower is the world’s tallest slanted tower ever. And the view from there was incredible in the beautiful day. After seeing the tower, we came down to the main part of the building, the stadium from the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. The running tracks were taken out and now it’s just cement, but the stands were huge, and I could definitely imagine everyone wanting to watch the olympics fit into that stadium. Another interesting thing about the stadium is that they still use it today, and have recently paid off all their debt from the olympics. Now they have a ginormous building with lessons and people renting it out, and it’s all revenue. Later that day, we walked down to see my mom and uncle’s cousin. Since it was an hour and a half walk both ways from where my mom’s cousin was, we crashed at the hotel room and watched some Blue Jays, or anything on that TV that wasn’t French!

The next day, we rented a small botorboat at H2O Adventures and cruised like kings for an hour in the beautiful weather. As we climbed out of our boat, dark clouds rolled over the sky. The rain patted lightly on the tarps set up in the marketplace we had gone to get gelato 10 minutes later, but 30 seconds after that, it was more like “PPPPPSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” And then, “pat, pat, pat, pat…” For another few minutes, and “PPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”After we finished our gelato and we’re done listening to the awesome band playing at the market, we made a run for it to the subway, and went to the Musee Grevin, or as English speaking people like to call it, the wax museum. There were a ton of wax statues of celebrities, and some of them looked really cool. I got a picture with Steve Jobs, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Wayne Gretzky, and it’s be impossible to know the difference, one worker posed as a statue, then as you’d look at her, she’d abandon her gaze to nowhere and look you dead in the eyes. It was so creepy but so cool. There was another one where the museum dressed up a statue pretending to be on the phone with a worker’s uniform so some people never find out it wasn’t just a normal person. After the wax museum, we walked through Old Montreal, which was so neat seeing all the old buildings and the brick road kept in one place. Then we attended mass at the Notre Dame, which was so cool (because of the AWESSOOMMMEEENNNEEESSS of the architecture of the church and how old it was), but got boring after a while (not because it was church, but because the priest spoke French the entire time. However, we both agreed it was worth it to see the building and it was still pretty sweet to be in a church that beautiful.

Our bus rides from Montreal to Ottawa and Ottawa to Toronto were that night, and we’re back now. Montreal was super awesome, EVERYONE SHOULD GO AT SOMEPOINT IN THEIR LIVES!!! This would actually be an amazing vacation destination spot.

Anyway, I’m Josh Clark. And that’s the way it happened.

Another Post From Toronto

Hey guys! Sorry I hadn’t posted in so long until this point, I’ll try to be better about that. Today I’m getting a singing lesson with UJ’s teacher and I’m going to record a cover of “Say Something”. Right now we’re in the office, hoping to leave as soon as we can to walk around downtown before music lessons. Yesterday we picked up the Ps4 from UJ’s friends’ place, but despite a clear experience advantage, I only ever beat him once in a shootout on NHL 15. It’s been an incredible trip so far, and Montreal is just around the corner!!!

Anyway,  I’m Josh Clarke. And that’s the way it happened 😉

Toronto’s Weather is so Unpredictaple I Just Want to Hide Inside… Or Play Baseball.

After a day at the office, my uncle and I went for dinner, then headed home to change from jeans into shorts because we were going to the park for some catch. We walked into the house it was hot and slightly cloudy. Uncle James told me that there might be a storm, you never know in Toronto because it changes so quickly. Within five minutes, we walked back outside in our summer clothes to thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and what I would guess 20 degrees Celsius. We went out to a big park and threw long bombs to each other through the rain. Even when the weather had died down, we were both still soaked to the bone. But with the warm-enough temperatures, rain just meant wet grass and wet grass meant we slid everywhere like crazy people when we dove. That was one of the funnest games of catch I’ve ever played.

Anyway, I’m Josh Clarke. And that’s the way it happened.

That’s What You Get For Booking With

Yesterday was very exciting because I was going to see my uncle in Toronto and it was going to be my first time on an airplane alone. I was feeling pretty good about the non-eventfulness of the flight until about half an hour before we were scheduled to land, when I looked out the window, below the plane, and the clouds were lighting up. The flight attendant informed us that the “thunderstorm was a beautiful sight”. It looked really cool, but I was kind of nervous about the weather, considering I had to fly through them to get where I wanted to go. A man sitting beside me said casually, upon seeing yet another cloud light up like a Christmas light, that aircraft are struck by lightning all the time. Half of me still didn’t want to be struck even if someone told me it was safe, and the other half of me agreed with the first half. We descended for a while into the clouds, and for about 10 minutes, I didn’t see any lightning. Then, all at once, it started flashing. Once every few seconds. All around us. And the turbulence reached an ultimate high. Then we were pressed back against our seats and the plane began to climb upwards. This struck me as particularly odd since we were supposed to be preparing for landing. A few seconds later the captain informed us that we had been in the middle of a thunder cloud, and we had pulled up and out of it for safety reasons that are kind of obvious. He said the plane had left the Vancouver airport with plenty of fuel and that we were going to circle around Toronto until the thunderstorm moved elsewhere and it was safe to land. An hour and a half later, after the storm moved East and the captain landed the plane perfectly, I met up with my uncle. I have now officially been awake for 21 hours.

Anyway, I’m Josh Clarke. And that’s the way it happened.

July 13th – On Plane en route to Toronto

What’s up my faithful followers? I’m in the air right now going to Toronto to visit my uncle. Super excited for my 2 week visit, and I’ll make sure to keep everyone who thinks listening to me is worth it updated daily. Sorry for the short post, but I kind of haven’t made it to Toronto yet 😉

Anyway, I’m Josh. And that’s the way it happened.

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