Canucks vs. Flames Game 2: Once upon a time there was a boy who…

LOVED the Canucks. There’s no other way of explaining my passion for the team than how I follow them emotionally (sometimes too emotionally), game by game through the season. I was even considering the ticket prices for the playoffs. Unfortunately, the tickets are way too expensive. So I’m going to watch every playoff game I can that doesn’t conflict with my ball hockey, my brother’s baseball, or my sister’s softball. Yeah. But there is onetime that I KNOW I can watch, and it occurs rather soon.

Last night I came home from a satisfying 7-2 ball hockey win, and before I could even take my gear off, our family got a phone call. My dad handed the phone to me. Auntie Andie (Annie Annie) was on the other end. She said that as a congratulations for getting into the school I applied for, she and Uncle Aaron had decided to buy me and my dad tickets to tomorrow night’s game 2!!! So if you’re watching the game tonight, I’ll be there cheering on our ‘Nucks! My brother and sister were so gracious about me going to the game. Milo let me try on his Canucks jerseys to wear for the game, but I decided I would wear my old-school cream and maroon coloured Vancouver Millionaires jersey. But that’s not all. A few minutes later, after I might as well have been bouncing off the walls (I was so excited!), another call came. This one was from Grandma Lynne. She said that Grandpa Darryl and herself were going to put forward some money so that I could get a jersey at the Canucks Team Store before the game!

If you’re reading this Annie Annie, Uncle $ Billz, Grandma Lynne, Grandpa Darryl or Rhys… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Canucks to play Flames in first round of the 2015 playoffs

Despite the complicated article I posted a few days ago, the Canucks are in the playoffs as a result of the L.A. Kings losing 4-2 to none other than the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday. This Kings loss guaranteed a Vancouver Canucks playoff birth, but last night’s results also proved to be helpful as the playoff-bound Canucks winded down the season.

Last night, the Canucks were destined for a playoff spot – but whether that would be in the 1st Wild Card spot, 2nd Wild Card spot, 3rd in the Pacific, or 2nd in the Pacific was anybody’s guess. The results of multiple games just 15 hours ago decided most of their fate.

As the Canucks took the ice against the Arizona Coyotes last night, the L.A. Kings were an hour through their game against the Calgary Flames. The L.A. – Calgary game was an important determiner of who the Canucks would face in the first round. Before last night, the Canucks had a 75% chance of playing the Kings in the first round, and a 25% chance of playing the Flames in the first round. But that changed dramatically. As the Canucks were racking up a considerable lead against the Coyotes, The Kings @ Flames game ended. The score? 3-1 Flames. An hour later the buzzer sounded at the Canucks – Coyotes game. The Canucks had won 5-0. The Kings were knocked out of playoff contention and the Flames became the guaranteed contender of the Canucks in the first round of the 2015 NHL playoffs.

The Canucks – Flames series will be the first since 2004, when the Flames beat the Canucks in the first round in 7 games.

This series will be the Pacific Division Seed 2 vs. Pacific Division Seed 3, but who is seed one (with home-ice advantage) and who is seed 2 is not determined. Both the Canucks and the Flames have one game left in the regular season. The Canucks have 99 points and the Flames have 97 points, so for the Flames to get home ice advantage, a lot would have to go wrong.

The Vancouver Canucks can gain home-ice advantage in the first round vs. the Calgary Flames and seed 2 in the Pacific Division with at least a point vs. the Coyotes on Sunday. Even if the Canucks don’t get any points (lose in regulation), the Flames would also have to win in regulation or OT in their game vs. the Jets to take home-ice advantage away from the Canucks.


Thank you Canucks fans,

Joshie Bear

Vancouver Canucks Playoff Breakdown

For the first time in years, the Vancouver Canucks are struggling for their lives, trying to earn a playoff spot. But what’s it going to take to make it? (These calculations are partly my own mental math and have a small possibility of being flawed).

Upcoming Canucks Schedule

Following the defeat of the L.A. Kings yesterday, the Canucks are now set to play the Arizona Coyotes and the Edmonton Oilers, who share the last two spots in the West. These should be easy games, I’m not saying they will be, but they should be.

Teams who have clinched a playoff spot in the West

Central Division: St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago

Pacific Division: Anaheim

As you can see, there are many up-for grabs playoff spots in the Pacific Division.

Teams still fighting for a playoff spot in the West

Central Division: Minnesota, Winnipeg

Pacific Division: Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles

Teams in the West who are out of the playoff race

Dallas, San Jose, Colorado, Edmonton, Arizona

The Standings

The Anaheim Ducks have already clinched the Pacific Division, so the last spots available for Pacific Division teams are 2nd in the Pacific, 3rd in the Pacific, or a Wild Card spot. So the basics of it is; there are 5 teams still fighting for their lives for playoff spots, but there are only 4 available spots. It’s like musical chairs! But a lot more complicated.

What the Canucks need in these last days

As the clock ticks down until the end of the regular season, the Vancouver Canucks are 2nd in the Pacific Division. What will it take to keep them in a playoff spot? If the Canucks win against Arizona and Edmonton, then they stay right where they are and play against the 3rd place team in the Pacific for the first round of the playoffs. The Kings and the Flames are potential threats to the Canucks because they are both just 4 points shy of Vancouver, and have a game in hand with 3 games left.

How the Calgary Flames can beat the Canucks

If Calgary wants to beat the Canucks in the standings, they will have to A: Win all 3 of their games in any fashion (providing the Canucks don’t get 3 or more points in their last 2 games,) or B: Win two of their 3 games in regulation or OT, (providing the Canucks lose both of their last games in regulation.) if that happens, they beat the Canucks in the standings based on Regulation and OT Wins (which is why they need to stay away from shootouts).

How the L.A. Kings could beat the Canucks

L.A. has a less impressive Regulation and OT Wins number. They have 37, while the Canucks have 40 and the Flames have 39. For the Kings to push the Canucks out of 2nd in the West, L.A. would need to A: Win all 3 games in any fashion (providing the Canucks get less than 3 points in their 2 remaining games), or B: Win 2 of their 3 games in any fashion, and get at least one point in the other game (providing the Canucks lose both of their last games in regulation.)

How the Wild Card teams could beat the Canucks

In all the scenarios above, the Canucks got 2 or less points. For the Canucks to clinch a playoff spot, they could also just get 3 or more points vs. the Coyotes and Oilers. But if they get 2 or less, Minnesota and Winnipeg, who are currently in the Wild Card spots, are ready to pounce.

Let’s say the Kings and the Flames both miraculously beat the Canucks in the West. Even in the best case scenario after that, there’s a chance they will miss out on the 2015 playoffs. If the Canucks got 2 points during the last 2 games for 99 overall (best case scenario providing the Kings and Flames beat them in the standings),  the Jets could win all 3 of their games to get 100 points. And all the Wild would need to do is win 2 of their last 3 games for 100 points.

If all these teams (the Kings, Flames, Wild, Jets) can beat the Canucks with the scenarios described, Vancouver could miss the playoffs for the second time in a row. And remember, if the Canucks take matters into their own hands and get at least 3 points in 2 games, they are guaranteed 2nd in the Pacific. If they beat at least one of the scenarios above, they’re in. If everything happens to fall apart and all the scenarios come true, the Vancouver Canucks are out.

Thanks again,

Joshie Bear

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