What I Think of the 4 Pictures of Me, Milo, Mom, and Mattea in the Basement of our House

(These pictures were taken approximately 5 years ago)

In the first picture, you can easily tell it’s been a long day for Mom. The kids are restless, and Mom is the only one looking at the camera (apart from Milo, who I’m blocking from it with my gigantic head). Mattea’s already lost interest, and she’s looking away as well. Mom’s somehow still managing an upbeat smile! That Mamma could look happy while a volcano erupted!

For the second picture, things got a little better. Mom smiled wider, Mattea looked more in the general direction of the camera, but she still gave the impression of “Do I really have to be here with these guys?”, and you can see a bit of Milo peeking out from behind me. I’m meanwhile having a blast, sticking my toungue out at the camera like I just don’t care!

The third picture got more subtle, mom smiling nicely and all of the half of Milo you can see is grinning pleasantly. Mattea finally gave up looking away from the camera and stared into it with adorable eyes, frowning slightly like she needed food. I don’t know what I was doing. It looked like I was trying to kiss the camera possibly, or maybe I just didn’t get ready in time for my awesome smile.

All heck broke loose in the fourth and final picture, mom smiling very, very widely, and Mattea suddenly also looked like she was having a good time. Maybe she had been saving her grin for last. I was having a blast, grinning a smile similar to mom’s, but Milo was mysteriously missing from the picture. His hat was the only thing I could make out…

I think the last picture best resembles our family and our personalities, except for the fact that two of our family members are missing. But, you know, it really brings out the personality in me, mom and Mattea.

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