Mother and Brother in Prince Rupert

This morning, my brother and mom boarded a flight to Prince Rupert to visit our Auntie Joh (my mom’s sister). My brother is studying the aboriginal culture, so they are going to the museum there to learn more about it. My bro worked hard making a homemade totem pole that has five animals on it, representing the five members of our family. He brought the totem to Prince Rupert to show our Aunt. They are staying for four days (getting back on Tuesday), and are staying at Auntie Joh’s house. My brother has never been to Prince Rupert. This is probably the farthest North he’s gone in his life! It’s an exciting time for all of them to share an experience like this. Have fun brother/son/nephew, mother/sister, and Auntie/sister!

P.S. Auntie Joe, my sincere apologies if those clowns mess up your house!

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