Only about 3 weeks after my amazing trip, my uncle James decided to come back to see his brother’s two-month-old daughter. The last time he came back to Delta (in the greater Vancouver area) it was mid July, for yet ANOTHER brother’s wedding (there are three brothers). He couldn’t wait any longer to see the baby Emma, but I know that’s actually code for he couldn’t wait to see me again. It’s been so long!

We are looking into getting him to see one of my brother and sister’s hockey games, and if you’ve read some of my previous blogs you’ll probably know that he loves hockey. Hopefully he can come to one of my games too, as I just got promoted to assistant captain, but we haven’t got the regular season schedule yet so we can’t be sure. It will be so exciting when he’s here for the whole extended family. I know I can’t wait to see him!

I know I just saw him in July and then again 3 weeks ago, but it never gets old. The feelings I experienced the day after I left Toronto was like it had been so long and that I wanted to start saving up for my next trip, but now… Uncle James is comin’ to town!!!


Joshua Clarke

Flyers Gaining Momentum

On Saturday the Surrey Flyers took action in their 5th and last tiering game of the season (regular season hasn’t started yet) hoping to get points up in the standings for the first time (0 wins 5 losses 0 ties). Our opponents were Semiamoo. After last game coach gave us voting sheets to choose who we think should be the captain and 3 assistant captains of the team. We all made our votes and had to wait until the next game, the game I’m blogging now about, to find out who would get the letters. I was named an assistant captain!

I was all fired up for the start of the game. There was a forward line in previous games that coach put together (me, my friend Govind, and my friend M.K., that seemed to make each player on the line at least 1 point per game. I don’t know what happened, but the line was never put together again, until this game, in which we helped our team to a 3-3 tie. Our line scored two of our goals, and I got my first goal of the season, and an assist!

By getting named an assistant captain, scoring my first goal, getting two points, and helping our team to our first point all before the regular season even starts… All I can say is that’s probably – HOPEFULLY… a good omen.

Thanks again for reading my blog,

Joshua Clarke


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