A Hockey, Soccer, Baseball Night With Grandpa

Yesterday afternoon my Grandpa invited me over for a sleepover to watch the World Series Game 6, and the Canucks game that followed against the Carolina Hurricanes. I was thrilled! I sat down in front of the big TV with my grandpa and watched my favourite baseball team get clobbered only 2 innings into the game. It was an early downer, but I still enjoyed watching the three innings we did watch together. A more than half an hour second inning proved to be the first and last of our hopes of the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series that night. When we turned the game off in the third inning the score was 7-0!

So, on to the Canucks game. Just to let you know we were slightly aware that next door to the Canucks vs. Hurricanes game at Rogers Arena, there was a friendly (exhibition) soccer match for the 2015 Women’s World Cup. It was Canada against Japan at BC Place! So, back to the Canucks game. the Canucks played really well during the first and second and had a 3-0 lead heading into the third period. We decided to watch the end of the Canada vs. Japan soccer match during the break. The score was 1-1 the last time we checked on the game, but now, with about 20 minutes left in the game, It was 2-1 Japan. We watched everything on the edge of our seats. We thought we had witnessed history when we saw Canada tie the game with seconds remaining… and we did… but in a very different manner than we thought. With about ten seconds left, Japan scored on a breakaway, winning the game 3-2. Since we weren’t particularly attached to that game (mind you we were still disappointed), we made jokes all through till we had to go to bed and then in the morning. The Canucks ended up winning their game 4-1, which is why I commented later that we saw everything. We saw the downer, the win, and the extremely suspenseful and funny.


Joshua Clarke

My Brother and Sister’s Hockey: Grey vs. Red

With a 1-1-1 record, our dynamic duo Milo and Mattea hit the ice again for Grey for their 4th game of the Power Play Fall 2014 season (Mattea’s 4th game ever). They battled hard against a well stocked Red team, with whom they tied 8-8 last time they played them. Milo was on a hot streak, having scored 5 goals in 3 games, and twice had two goal performances. There was a super speedy player on team Red, and he scored at least two of their three goals when the buzzer sounded to end this game. Having kept Red to 5 goals less than last time and putting up 9 in their favour, Grey buzzed along to a 9-3 victory, bringing them above .500 and to a 2-1-1 record. Go Milo and Mattea!

My Brother and Sister’s Hockey (they are grey) Grey vs. Black

My brother and sister came into this Power Play League game for their third game this Sunday. They are the Grey team (there is Grey, Red, Black and Green), and they began the game with an 0-1-1 record meaning they tied and lost one game each. They were looking for their first win of the season. I volunteered to run the score clock.

They got off to a good start, leading the game 2-0 early. But about midway through the second, things started heating up. We maintained a 3-1 lead in the second, and our goalie was outstanding, and she made one particular save that drove everybody insane. A Black team player was cutting in on a breakaway, she made a save with her pad, then he got hit own rebound and she saved a sure goal, kicking out her leg at the last second and saving it with her toe. It was spectacular!

Milo scored two goals, and Milo and Mattea, the dynamic duo (with a little help from everyone else on the team), beat team Black by a score of 10-3 to lift team Grey to a 1-1-1 record.

Pewee Hockey Tiering Exhibition Game One of Five: Surrey Peewee SY5 Flyers @ Langley Peewee C1

The first thing I noticed about being in Pewee hockey rather than Atom hockey was that things were a lot more professional, for example the Flyers (my team) even has its own website, the manager of the team is all dressed up in a suit and tie and we get name bars on the jerseys like real NHL players. Our jerseys are even exactly like the Philadelphia Flyers jerseys, except that instead of the Flyers logo it’s the Surrey Minor Hockey logo. I felt good heading into the game.

It is well known in Surrey that Langley has good minor hockey teams. They do. And, it feels, especially against Surrey. In the first minute of our first tiering game, Langley was ahead 2-0, and I doubt we even had the puck in their zone for the first three minutes. Early in the game my new friend Jordan and I went up the ice together. I waited until I got a great chance to pass and passed to Jordan, who, speeding in toward the net, received the puck behind him and lost the puck at the last second. Later still in the game, with the scoreboard about to burst into a million pieces, I carried the puck up the ice and sort of got a breakaway, but I chipped the puck too far ahead of myself away from the speedy defender, so I never regained control before the goalie grabbed it and covered it. Despite my chances I wasn’t even on the ice for any of the 3 goals we scored in a big, big loss.

It was a disappointing game, but it was just the first tiering game, so it doesn’t count in the regular season.

Final Score: Surrey Flyers (3) @ Langley C1 (9)

I noticed these things about the other team:

Strengths: Very fast skating and they can take advantage of your mistakes. Be sure to check them in front of our net.

Weaknesses: Weak goalie, take many shots because we need to put numbers up on the board if they are.

Amazing first game,

Joshua Clarke

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