In Seven Days…

One week, 3 hours and 12 minutes from now, I will board a plane that flies to Toronto for a two week visit to my uncle’s house. He has been living in Toronto for about one and a half years. He was only going to move for 1 year to do some business for his brother, my other uncle (I have 5), the co-founder of Nail Polish Canada. The other co-founder is his wife, my aunt.¬†The trip is a nice, healthy length, 17 days (September 18 – October 5).

My uncle is crazy about hockey. This is no joke, he could probably take over coaching for the Vancouver Canucks AND get them back into the playoffs¬†in one year. The greatest mystery to me in life? That my uncle is such a hockey fanatic and he hasn’t even seen the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is in Toronto! The luck thing is, I’m as much of a hockey lover as he is. Even better? The whole Vancouver Canucks preseason is over my trip! And all the games are broadcasted nationally!

I fly in with my Grandma and Grandpa, I stay with them and my uncle for week one, and then they leave and my dad comes for week two, and then I fly home with my dad.


Thanks again for reading,

Joshua Clarke

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