For Private Schoolers and Parents… It’s Monday!

School is revving back up again for the new week. Oh, wait, for some people it doesn’t. But for private schoolers and homeschoolers, we’re still figuring out the dance to our new grades, and so hopefully Mondays can be exciting for some of us. I always like to be organized going into a new week. Surprisingly it makes me feel more organized. I am the oldest of three children. I am eleven, my younger brother is nine, and my younger sister is six. So you can probably imagine how much organization we need to feel relaxed in the following week. Thankfully, we began holding weekly family meetings every Sunday to sort out the new week.

For private and homeschoolers, have a great week. And Garfield, no commenting on the Monday pages.

(P.S. in three days I’ll be in Toronto! I’ll be sure to keep you updated… I’ll be there from September 18th to October 5th!)

Joshua Clarke

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