Toronto’s Weather is so Unpredictaple I Just Want to Hide Inside… Or Play Baseball.

After a day at the office, my uncle and I went for dinner, then headed home to change from jeans into shorts because we were going to the park for some catch. We walked into the house it was hot and slightly cloudy. Uncle James told me that there might be a storm, you never know in Toronto because it changes so quickly. Within five minutes, we walked back outside in our summer clothes to thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and what I would guess 20 degrees Celsius. We went out to a big park and threw long bombs to each other through the rain. Even when the weather had died down, we were both still soaked to the bone. But with the warm-enough temperatures, rain just meant wet grass and wet grass meant we slid everywhere like crazy people when we dove. That was one of the funnest games of catch I’ve ever played.

Anyway, I’m Josh Clarke. And that’s the way it happened.

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