Canucks vs. Flames Game 2: Once upon a time there was a boy who…

LOVED the Canucks. There’s no other way of explaining my passion for the team than how I follow them emotionally (sometimes too emotionally), game by game through the season. I was even considering the ticket prices for the playoffs. Unfortunately, the tickets are way too expensive. So I’m going to watch every playoff game I can that doesn’t conflict with my ball hockey, my brother’s baseball, or my sister’s softball. Yeah. But there is onetime that I KNOW I can watch, and it occurs rather soon.

Last night I came home from a satisfying 7-2 ball hockey win, and before I could even take my gear off, our family got a phone call. My dad handed the phone to me. Auntie Andie (Annie Annie) was on the other end. She said that as a congratulations for getting into the school I applied for, she and Uncle Aaron had decided to buy me and my dad tickets to tomorrow night’s game 2!!! So if you’re watching the game tonight, I’ll be there cheering on our ‘Nucks! My brother and sister were so gracious about me going to the game. Milo let me try on his Canucks jerseys to wear for the game, but I decided I would wear my old-school cream and maroon coloured Vancouver Millionaires jersey. But that’s not all. A few minutes later, after I might as well have been bouncing off the walls (I was so excited!), another call came. This one was from Grandma Lynne. She said that Grandpa Darryl and herself were going to put forward some money so that I could get a jersey at the Canucks Team Store before the game!

If you’re reading this Annie Annie, Uncle $ Billz, Grandma Lynne, Grandpa Darryl or Rhys… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

One thought on “Canucks vs. Flames Game 2: Once upon a time there was a boy who…

  1. You are so very welcome. A well deserved special treat that you earned by working so hard. Have a great night, we’ll we watching!!!

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