Surrey Flyers with 2 Tournaments Soon

The Surrey Flyers will participate in 2 tournaments to close off the season, in a total of just 8 days.

The first tournament is the Surrey Tournament, determining the champion of all the Surrey Peewee teams. Two games (possibly 3) are guaranteed, (the first one is tonight) and then hopefully we’ll get to the semi-finals and the finals.

I’m really fortunate to have my uncle and my cousins in town for my North Delta Peewee “C” Spring Classic Tournament (from March 14-17), because they might be able to see a couple of games (the uncle who is in town is the same uncle I visited in Toronto). For this tournament, there are 12 teams, split into four groups. To get into the quarter-finals, you have to be 1st or 2nd in your group. If you’re 3rd (last), you’re out of gold medal contention.

Here’s hoping the Flyers pick up their game for the 2 tournaments, closing off the season strong, and with a whopping 9 possible games in just 8 days, this is sure to be a fun last stretch for the Surrey Flyers.

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Joshie Bear

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